Stormwater Harvesting Program, Comenarra Playing Field

The stormwater harvesting system at Comenarra playing field is one part of Council’s Stormwater Harvesting Program, implemented to secure alternative sources of water. The Comenarra system utilising biofiltration as pre-treatment before storage and reuse. This reduces the need to disinfect the water before it can be used for irrigation of the playing field. The site has a steep grade and the biofiltration system had to be carefully designed so that it blends in with the nearby car park while provides a landscaping feature. The steep grade also meant that an unconventional solution had to be developed to ensure a large enough surface area for the filter.  The final design includes three separate filter beds at different levels that follow the natural slope of the land, which giving the filter the appearance of a water feature during rain.

The system at Comenarra playing field also forms part of Ku-ring-gai Council’s Catchment Remediation Program that was the winner of the Local Government and Shires Association’s Environmental Award in the Stormwater and Urban Waterways Award category 2008.

Design: Jay Jonasson for Ku-ring-gai Council

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