Ashgrove Estate

Ashgrove Residential Estate is a “first of its kind” urban subdivision in Sydney. The subdivision includes a communal stormwater reuse system, where stormwater is treated and stored for reuse throughout the residential development. The design includes three separate treatment systems that uses a special porous concrete pipes that captures metals, nutrients and fine sediments before storage. The system also provide an important flood mitigation function and involved expensive computer modelling as part of the design. Through clever solutions the development could be completed without negative impact of the downstream stormwater infrastructure or the environment.

The project was awarded a Green Globe Award in 2008 by the Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW (Australia), and won first prize at the Stormwater Industry Association NSW/QLD awards in 2008. The project was also highly commended at the National Stormwater Industry Association’s awards in 2007.

Design: STORM Consulting with Jay Jonasson forming part of the design team.

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